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Weed Abatement & Public Nuisance

Fresno City and County have stringent Weed Abatement & Public Nuisance standards for all property, whether developed or not, and includes any alley, sidewalk, park strip, or unimproved public easement abutting the property. The Weed Abatement standards apply to all weeds, grass or other vegetation that is normally dry during the year, particularly in the summer, and all combustible rubbish. These standards apply to all vacant and unimproved lots throughout the year, including those lots with vacant structures. Public Nuisance: “things that affect everyone and are typically visual blight issues that cheapen our quality of life, standard of living, and lower property values and can potentially pose a safety or health threat.” These standards apply to properties all year round.

For over 16 years, Sequoia Western has been a Weed Abatement and Public Nuisance Abatement contractor for the City and County. If you have been contacted by the City Code Enforcement or County Fire Department for abatement of your property, let us bring our working understanding of the City, County and Fire codes to your specific situation.

Or, if you just need some help with cleaning up, hauling off, boarding up, or pumping out, give us a call discuss your specific needs.

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