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Discing (Disking) & Mowing

We offer complete lot or perimeter discing or disking and mowing; complete removal of abandoned orchards and vineyards; and Fire Protection Maintenance through weed abatement, discing (disking), and trash and debris removal.

We meet all Fire Protection Discing Standards by turning over weeds, grass, crops, other vegetation or organic material so there is insufficient fuel to sustain or allow the spread of fire.

We also perform handwork, if discing (disking) is not possible. This includes mowing, weed-eating or hoeing, to remove weeds, trash, and combustible materials along fence lines and around other restrictive areas.

Firebreaks are done on lots over five acres, in lieu of complete lot discing (disking), to clear combustible materials which would allow fire to travel. The Firebreak standard is a 30 foot clearance around combustible structures, along each side of public access roads, and around brush areas, and 15 feet along each side of all fence (property) lines, ditches and creeks.

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Please note: should a fire occur due to lack of weed and debris removal, you may be charged for firefighting costs.


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